Sep 30, 2019

There is always something new to learn, regardless of your career and current level of expertise.

In fact, getting as much knowledge and skill as you can will help push your career forward. One smart way to learn or gain skills is by taking courses on the internet.

Online courses can help you achieve your career goal faster and without much stress. One of the major pros of an online course is that it is flexible and suitable for people with busy schedules; so even if you are at the top of the corporate ladder and you don’t have much time to study, you can simply take classes online at your convenience. Unlike learning in a physical environment, there are no strict rules with learning online. You also do not need to spend money on commuting.

Before we dive into how online courses can boost your career, here are the answers to some key questions you might have about taking courses online.

What kind of subjects can I learn about?

You have access to all kinds of knowledge and skill on the internet. You can learn to be a better marketer, take courses to boost your communication skill and learn how to write better, among a long list of other things. Online courses may even cover areas and topics that are not related to any particular fields. For example, you can take courses on how to care for your pets or how to read tarot cards. All you need do is to search for keywords relating to what you want to learn, and you will find some very interesting options.

How do I choose a course?

Generally, the kind of course to take is left to you to decide. It is primarily based on your interests and needs. However, if you are a professional looking to boost your career, then it is best to take courses directly related to your role, as this will help build the skills in your area of work. You can read reviews about online learning platforms or even specific courses to guide you in your decision. Ask for recommendations and descriptions from your colleagues, friends or family members to make things easier.

Who is the teacher?

Online courses are not delivered by nameless, faceless individuals. Most platforms employ qualified professionals in various fields to handle courses. Some platforms also allow you to interact with tutors directly so that you can ask questions and get further clarifications and improved knowledge of what is being taught.

Now to the most important question; Can online courses help me with my job?

The purpose of every online course in the first place is to help people improve their skills, knowledge and expertise. Consequently, all of these will translate into career advantages in the long run. Whatever business or career you are in, there is always something new to learn online, and you can use this knowledge to boost your career.

The Features and Importance of Online Learning

While courses and degrees earned through traditional education systems are great, online courses are just as relevant today. The flexibility of this system of learning also gives it several advantages, especially for professionals who are unlikely to have time to attend a class.

Here are some of the ways taking an online course can boost your career:

Versatility – you can learn anything online: traditional schools are streamlined in their approach to education. In most cases, you simply have to choose a career path and stick with it. This might limit you, especially if you want to make a career switch. People who want to try a new career path can simply find relevant courses online that will take them from the basics to the expert level at their convenience.

Learn while you work or study: it’s hard to forge ahead in your career when all you do is work all day. However, by taking an online course, you can continue your current career path without interruptions. You can learn at your own pace with little or no pressure at all. This means you don’t have to suspend work to earn an extra degree or learn a valuable skill. However, while online learning is truly convenient and comfortable, it still requires an amount of discipline and dedication.

Boost your CV: the world has come to accept online learning so much that there is little or no difference between degrees earned online and those earned through the traditional university system. So, everything you learn online can comfortably go on your CV. Earning an online degree can even serve as a perk as it shows anyone who examines your CV that you are passionate and willing to learn. This gives you a better chance for employment and promotion.

Cheaper: learning with the help of the internet comes with lower cost compared to the traditional system. You don’t have to take up huge student loans or spend loads of cash. The fees for most online courses are generally within a reasonable range. Moreover, you may even find free courses or those being offered at a discount, especially if all you want is to learn a skill.

Things you can learn online that will boost your career:

Let’s take a quick look at the common skills/knowledge people can learn on the internet to help boost their career.

How to handle a job interview when you are nervous, or it is your first time:

One of the most important aspects of boosting your career is learning how to nail interviews. This is something most schools or colleges don’t teach. Hence a good number of people are unable to market themselves effectively in an interview. You can take a course in interviewing skills, communication or public speaking, to learn how to score high in interviews.

Getting better at writing

You can take courses like business writing to improve your writing skills. No matter your current level of expertise, taking a course on how to write better will improve the quality of your emails, official letters and presentations, thus helping you stand out in your profession.

How to negotiate

The art of negotiation is a skill that will prove valuable for securing a job, negotiating pay, initiating promotions, closing business deals or hiring new employees. There are courses online related to this and other similar things.

How to be happy at work

Staying motivated and cheerful is important for a good performance in any organisation. If you dislike your work, you won’t be as dedicated to it. Staying happy at work can be interdependent with an employee having a satisfying personal life. You can enrol in courses that teach you how to have a happy and fulfilled life. Although these courses don’t have much to do with your career directly, it will help you live a life of positivity, which will boost your productivity in the long run.

How to effectively manage people

Humans are the greatest asset of any organisation, and the toughest to manage. Organisations with HR departments invest money and time in getting the best out of its employees. If you want to gain more HR knowledge, enrol for HR courses online. The courses will teach you how to determine the right kind of person for a job and understand how to handle staffing processes in the organisation. An online course in human resources will also explain how to foster good communication among employees and understand how to facilitate better performance.

Learn technical skills

Valuable technical skills like web design and development, graphic design, etc. can also prove valuable to your career. Taking any sort of computing course, from IT Security to Microsoft Office is a must for anyone who works in an office environment. These skills can fit nicely into your CV and boost its general outlook.

Becoming a better project manager

Being a project manager requires you to be able to coordinate and effectively lead a team to achieve a set goal or target. Every organisation will require someone who can take up a leadership position. There are various leadership courses online that can be of great impact to you. You will learn how to run new business projects and how to manage people. Gaining leadership skills can help you move up the career ladder – you will have more responsibilities, which may lead to promotion.


Taking an online course is a great way to learn skills and gain experience faster. Signing up for these courses is an easy way to learn something different if you’re looking to change careers, or to increase your knowledge in your chosen field.

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