Oct 18, 2019

Brainpower is the intellectual capacity of any individual. Everything that we do comes from our mind. Since the brain controls all our actions and even determines the effectiveness of each act, it is expedient to focus on training your brain to process information faster, recall things more efficiently and solve problems effortlessly.

While everyone has a brain, the effectiveness of our mental faculties is what sets each one of us apart. It is possible to train your brain to perform at optimum capacity, thereby increasing its brainpower which produces efficient results in the long run. Here are some tips that can help with this.


This may sound weird, but thinking helps you increase your brain power, and not just thinking but effective thinking. Thinking can be ineffective when you have so much on your mind. In this case, you are simply sprawling through thoughts and your mind is not organised. Thinking about a lot of things at the same time isn’t efficient thinking.

Rather than multitasking your mind, which yields little results as far as building brain power is concerned, what you should do is focus on one thought at a time and ensure you effectively analyse and solve whatever issue is on your mind. It is better to get one thing effectively resolved, rather than overloading your mind. When you do this, you are only worrying rather than thinking.

Setting time apart in a day to think is called meditation. Not only does this increase your brainpower, but it will also reduce your stress levels and increase your productivity, concentration levels and information processing.


This includes both physical and mental exercises. We are all aware of the importance of physical exercise for the body but not many people know just how valuable physical exercises can be to your brainpower as well. Both physical and mental exercises help to boost your brain function and improve memory.

By increasing blood and oxygen supply to your brain you ensure health and vitality. No matter how busy you get, you should always create time to exercise your body.

In addition to physical activity, exposing your brain to activities like puzzles helps you brainstorm better and it increases your mental capacity. Doing something new or taking up a herculean challenge is also a form of mental exercise. The importance of activities like this cannot be overemphasised.

Eat well:

Eating the right food helps keep the body healthy and boosts brainpower. Food is needed for proper body functioning and, since your brain is part of your body, eating healthily is good for your brain as well. Additionally, it is also important to eat food meant specifically to nourish the brain.

Eat food that is rich in omega 3 fatty acids – seafood is a good source of this. For those who aren’t fans of seafood, you can try other alternatives like walnuts, spinach, pumpkin seeds, seaweeds, flaxseed oil and soybeans. Increasing your brain power is not just about what you should eat but also what you should not eat.

Food high in saturated fats should be avoided. Such food impairs memory and concentration and may also increase the risk of adverse conditions like dementia. You should also stay away from substances such as alcohol and illegal drugs.


So many people tend to ignore the importance of sleep. Research has shown that sleep is needed for memory consolidation. Hence, it is important to learn anything effectively. Your brain needs enough rest to increase its efficiency. Therefore, you should get as much sleep as you can, no matter how busy your schedule is. About 8 hours of good sleep is recommended for health.

It is also good to avoid too much screen-time, especially before bedtime. The light emitted from screens suppresses hormones that make you sleepy, thereby triggering insomnia. Establishing a fixed routine for sleeping and waking will also help.

Keep the right people around you:

Loneliness can pull you into a vortex that drains your mental energy. You should keep friends that you can go out with and have fun with.

While it is true that some people simply enjoy their own company and try not to socialise, it is also good to be in the company of friends that inspire you, make you laugh or even cry with you, if necessary. People often say that laughter is the best medicine; it stimulates the brain and helps you relax better.

Since you are more likely to be happier amid friends you must keep the right set of friends around you at all times.


This tends to relieve stress and tension and relaxes you. Reading also helps you to learn more about the world around you. Since brainpower is almost directly linked to how much you know, reading is an inevitable tool for building your mind. Reading boosts imagination, which is another great way of increasing your brain capacity since it exercises your mind.


Everyone should make boosting brain power one of their major priorities. It makes you productive and highly efficient in the long run. Men and women who stand out in their fields not only need healthy bodies but strong minds as well. Hence, you should focus on activities that boost your brainpower daily. It takes time and dedication to keep your mind healthy and improve your brain capacity. But the mind is incredible. By following the tips above you will soon notice major changes in how your mind works.

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